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tax tips
October 19, 2017

Continuing Education

Congratulations! Ashley, Laurie and Kelly are now Certified Professional Bookkeepers (CPB) thru the IPBC, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. Laurie is also Sage One certified. We encourage our staff to…
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March 21, 2017

TaxTip Tuesdays (T Slips)

Take Your Time With T slips! When gathering T slips for taxes, if possible contact your financial advisor to get a list of the T slips that you should be…
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March 13, 2017

Tax Time Reminder!

Tax reminder.... If the gross payroll that was reported on Box 14 of your T4 Summary report was over $450,000.00, EHT is now applicable and due on March 15th. Questions?…
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Your Year End Christmas List!
By Jason Kingston at DSKtax tips
November 28, 2016

Year End Christmas List!

As the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fly, we find ourselves creeping inevitably closer to that magical time of year; tax filing season! Of course, first there is…
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taxtax tipsTaxable Benefits
March 29, 2016

Taxable Benefits and Allowances Information

When using an employer owned or leased vehicle for personal use, an automobile taxable benefit applies. Automobile taxable benefits should be added to your payroll throughout the calendar year as…
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Bookkeepingtax tips
April 20, 2015

Top 3 Bookkeeping Mistakes You May Be Making (And How To Fix Them!)

Over our collective years in the accounting business we’ve seen every method of client record keeping, from the ever-popular shoe box method to the incredibly detailed do-it-yourself triple checked method.…
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